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Once a terrorist group known only for attacking embassies and warships, al Qa'ida is today a full-fledged movement and ideology in its own right. Instead of attacking strong points from a central command center, its many arms and branches now operate independently, hitting weak points according to recipes that produce big bangs for the buck. Along with that al Qa'ida has changed strategy--hitting us economically. Most importantly, al Qa'ida is a sophisticated organization that learns from its mistakes. This is in marked contrast with the US government, comprised of both Republicans and Democrats who blindly stumble along in the wrong war against the wrong enemy without any defined goals other than a vacuous word, "victory."
Yes, six doctors were among the eight arrested in the UK after two failed bombing attacks on June 29 and 30, 2007, in London and Glasgow. Amazing who can be radicalized!

Doctors arrested in Britain: Belal Abdulla, 27, Iraqi; Mohammed Asha, 26, Jordanian neurosurgeon, ring leader; Kafeel Ahmed; Sabeel Ahmed. Two other doctors were implicated, including one in Australia.
"In an audio tape broadcast on Aljazeera, Osama bin Laden has warned that al-Qaida is preparing an attack very soon, but also offers Americans a long-term truce." Al-Jazeera Release.

Our purpose in bringing out what bin Laden says is two fold: we can read his writings and statements for ourselves for clues about what motivates this man. On this tape, as well as in other communications, his motivation is clear: Western exploitation and occupacy of Islamic lands. Israel, Afghanistsn, and Iraq in historical order brought humiliation upon Islamic culture.
Also known as superstition-driven terrorism

Although Christianity clearly provided a framework for witch hunting, the hysteria / obsession infected most of society, especially in Europe.
April 27, 2005 Update

In April 2005, there were 40 active terrorist groups world-wide. Groups Listed:
February 2003

The Inquisitors were terrorists in whom the Catholic Church had vested authority to suppress heresy by whatever means available.
Nothing below means we condone terrorists or terrorism. Our mission on this site is to show that we need to understand the terrorist mentality and how they became radicalized before we can make progress toward peace. Taken together, bin Laden's public pronouncements are convincing in one respect: The man means what he says.
When will we start listening?? This man is telling us something.

When the pagan King Amroo Ibn Hind tried to humiliate the pagan Amroo Ibn Kulthoom, the latter cut the head of the King with his sword rejecting aggression, humiliation and indignation.
May 2003; Updated Mar 2007

Much has happened since this page was originally drafted. But one thing remained constant--the threat of nuclear terror by a group or coalition of terror groups.
Alan Cullison, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal found himself in Afghanistan as the Taliban were evacuating from Kabul. On the way there his laptop computer was smashed.
Excerpted from Biography
and the Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Bin Laden is not the only name out there we should all know. Zarqawi leads a terror group named Monotheism and Jihad. He is the most-wanted man in Iraq. Although there are reports to the contrary, Zarqawi is unlikely to be closely allied with al Qa'ida other than through a "common enemy."
A need for a handbook on terror may arise for any of at least four reasons. We discuss them on this page. To begin, a handbook for terror might read:

  • debilitate your victim by inducing terror - use any means available;
Malleus on Witchcraft
Guidebook on how to deal with witches.
Timing their fatwa a year to the day after the Madrid train bombings, Spanish Muslim Clerics (Islamic Commission of Spain) issued a fatwa against Osama bin Laden who now stands accused by fellow Muslims of terrorist acts, notably the train bombing in Madrid last year that killed 191 and injured 1500 persons.
The responsibility for the current situation in Saudi Arabia rests with the regime.
This fatwa was a tightly reasoned declaration of war, but not widely recognized as such, or even widely known. It was more than that: Only faith is more important than expelling America and Israel from the Holy Land. This was no instant cure. It was a promise to dig in and do what it takes for however long. Is this not a lesson for the future? There was enough truth in the tight reasoning alone to ring alarm bells.
"Declaration of War against the Americans Occupying the Land of the Two Holy Places"

This "Declaration Of War" is the so-called Ladenese epistle.
Fatwah Urging Jihad Against Americans
World Islamic Front Statement
Updated 14 May 2007

Few terrorists have been as accomplished as Abu Nidal (deceased). Malleus documented witchcraft such that innocents were routinely accused of witchcraft with dire and painful results for generations. Ameer Ali was one of the most notorious of the Thugs of India; he, too, left an indelible record of both the depravity and gentleness of humankind.