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Op Ed: Hassen May 2003 ASA,
One of the first stages of human reaction to crisis is Denial, Anger and blame. Our Ummah at the moment have stalled in this stage and can't get out.

The only way out is to face up to some difficult questions and issues? Such as how is it that some Muslims could use Qur'an and Sunnah to justify murdering innocent men women and children?

And that the deep crisis we are in comes from WITHIN not from USA, Israel etc

Of course none of us wants to believe that Muslims could have knowingly targeted and slaughtered 182 civilians in Bali or 3000 in Washington and New York. But we must face reality. Let's stop fooling ourselves (and I mean ourselves, because we are certainly not fooling anyone else!)

We all KNOW there ARE people in our community who support this and try to justify it. There ARE people among us who justify and incite Muslims to such violence. Who are we fooling when we deny that?

By keeping silent - or in some cases trying to defend them or justify their actions we are guilty of giving such people our tacit support and are there for stained with the blood of innocents - just as we rightly accuse those who support Isreal who kill innocent palestinian children.

Slaughtering innocents can not be justified. Plain and simple.

Isn't it time we stood up for what we believe in and speak out loudly and clearly that we do not accept such people amongst us. We do not accept their distorted, hate filled version of Islam. Yes we all know the pain our Ummah is suffering and the injustice perpetrated on it. But we stand by the religion of God and we apply these principals at all times not selectively!

How can we come out of this crisis? In a nutshell, we have to recognize and face it, and actively search for a solution.

It is a well known psychological phenomena that the more one faced the realities of a problem and persevered in actively grappling with them, the stronger they emerged after the crisis.

People who came out of a crisis weaker, less effective, or spinning toward breakdown had evaded the issues the crisis presented. They had belittled the importance of the problem or pretended that it was not there or that they were not upset by it. They had shifted their energies away from solving the problems the crisis posed and focused them instead on blaming someone for their plight.

If our Ummah is to get out of this crisis, then we must, as a first step, be honest to ourselves and face up to the reality that we have a problem - and it is killing our Ummah, just as much as it is killing innocent souls around the world.

Show LOVE with no remorse!


Publisher Note

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Denial, Anger & Blame


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