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9/11, WMD in Iraq, Iraqi connection with bin Laden, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, 9/11 Commission report, Hurricane Katrina had one thing in common: Cover up at the national level. Of course politicians are concerned about their image, after all that is what got them elected. But the fact that so many practice cronyism and operate in denial speaks to a serious weakness in the American democratic system.

Cronyism usually results in incompetence. The 9/11 aftermath foretold what the aftermath of Katrina would be, and so it was.

Instead of removing those who misread evidence, the Administration promotes them. Instead of listening to voices like Coleen Rowley, the Administration makes their professional lives untenable. No, Colleen was not formally charged with anything, though it was talked about. Retribution was denied so often it gained substance even if there was none.

Is this the behavior that made America great?


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