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Conflict Resolution
Extended Book Review

The Path To Security For America And The World

Philip H. Gordon

With 9/11 approaching a decade past, it is high time to review the events that have transpired since. The War on Terror began with carnage and destruction of infrastructure in New York. Since that fateful day, the carnage and terror has moved legitimately to its place of origin, and illegitimately, well beyond--Iraq will never be the same and is still not assured a peaceful future. Afghanistan, its place of origin, was so mishandled as to become a metaphor for national self-destruction--for invaders and pacifiers alike.

Fortunately there are thinking people thinking about all this, and Philip Gordon is one of them. He not only arrives at the obvious of the above, but offers a viable way out. Fortunately too, Americans seem to have elected a president with similar views. Read on; perhaps you will agree.
The world's greatest democracy is closing down the immigrant stream that made America great.!!!

Searching for Peace in our world

The art of getting through difficult times

Our focus here is upon individuals and how they relate with each other, to groups, and to larger assemblages of people. These techniques also work between cultures in conflict.
Rush Dozier

Dozier gives us a well researched and annotated discussion on why we hate.