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This section is dedicated to those who would change the world through their own creativity, inventiveness, and can-do spirit. Entrepreneurial spirit is cross-cultural. It knows no bounds. A primer, focusing on industrial infrastructure may be found below or on Entrepreneurship. . Infrastructure has a strong positive correlate with peacefulness, trading instead of raiding. Economic growth is everywhere driven by entrepreneurs or like minded firms--there are some.

Entrepreneurship is not limited to economic enterprise, organizations that effectively move societies forward as economic or political entities would classify as entrepreneurial. Abe Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt created new political and economic platforms that launched America along new political trajectories that stimulated entrepreneurship with historic consequences.

Obama now has a similar opportunity. His job may be manifold more complex, but his tools are now much more sophisticated. "We Can Do It!" depends more on "we" than him. He need only lead the way. He has the resources, the vision, and the grass-roots understanding. He also has one other trait now in evidence. He can change course! We all need to be able to do that to get through the mine fields ahead.

In any event, the cause of peace will be well served by entrepreneurship catching on in countries now torn by violence or who are exporting same. Once citizens in these countries feel at least approximately equal to their brethren in developed countries, individuals will no longer feel alienated, and national humiliation will disappear as a promoter of terror. That is our expectation. Looking at the histories of the Middle East and Africa compared with those of other recently-arrived nations, in South America for example, leads one to this conclusion. There are minor exceptions of course.

Entrepreneurship seems to be in our genes. Deng Shao Peng knew this when he declared: "I don't care if the cat is black or white, if it catches mice, it is a good cat." China will never be the same, and neither will the world. To see what entrepreneurship can do and how fast it can respond, visit modern China and see for yourself.

All that seemed to be needed was stable governance; entrepreneurs did the rest. Many, maybe most, had little if any education. But they knew how to think, how to bargain, how to leverage the labor of others. They knew how to invest. And they dared to. At the same time, the infrastructure that has developed has softened a hard dictatorship that was Mao's trademark to one that is responsive to the people. The Sichuan earthquake was a living case in point. Saving people was the first order of recovery. Until all that could be done had been done, all transport unrelated to that effort was halted. The later process of rebuilding is still in progress.

Hurricane Katrina was a lessor disaster, but our response was, and still remains, shameful by comparison with any barometer.

In the main body of this section, our focus is on creating or expanding industrial bases--entrepreneurship is the key. That process must be tempered by the limits of growth in our biosphere we address elsewhere.


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