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Not that long ago we feared, rightfully as it turned out, that the White House could seriously erode or even threaten our Constitution, and pave the way to a unitary presidency that transcends all other branches of government. Fortunately, Americans saw the danger. How much danger still exists? None during Obama's term or terms. Beyond his era, we worry. We worry too, that he will not address the several structural problems America faces today in the way it is governed. A four year administration that accomplishes some of the below will be better than an eight year administration that accomplishes none.

Upon taking office, Obama corrected course, rescinded the worst of the Bush signing statements, began reaching out across the aisle, and in many other ways began behaving as a statesman who respects the whole of humankind. Regardless of origin or belief system, Obama embraces the world. This is his character.

However, Obama is showing MUSCLE of the Bush variety. He has continued many of the Bush policies, too many. While we endorse his looking forward, we do not favor using blinders hiding the past. That has been denial of a high order--so far. Fortunately, he has given hints that his Attorney General, Eric Holder, will soon appoint a Special Prosecutor to look into the pervasive corruption of the the Constitution which will be a high order legacy of the Bush Administration. Only by looking back, honestly looking back, can we as a nation purge the future of similar problems. We hoped Obama would have started by now, but he had to be pushed on the torture issue.

Be that as it may, Obama has real muscle. Most importantly, Democrats outnumber Republicans by 31 and 20 in the House and Senate respectively. The ease with which Sonia Sotomayor sailed through her confirmation hearings for a Supreme Curt seat is direct evidence if any is needed. Obama will get some kind of health care legislation through Congress. as well.

His muscle shows in other ways, importantly in Afghanistan. He is going after the Taliban. Here he not only has Congressional backing, but moral justification, too.

The foregoing is obvious.
So why this blog?

We are very concerned about the corruption of our system that occurred during the Bush and earlier administrations. Constitutional amendments may be needed in some cases.

  • Executive Privilege: Hiding malfeasance allows executive branch to move beyond the law. CIA and torture memos are just two examples of illegal overreach.
  • Financial Health: Checks and balances are grossly insufficient for out financial system.
  • Gerrymandering: Deprives citizens of equal rights and representation.
  • Military/Industrial/Congressional complex: Has outlived any purpose; a healthy defense industry is needed, but not at expense of the tail wagging the dog.
  • Signing Letters: Presidential refusal to enforce legislation enacted by Congress.
  • Special Interests: Deprive citizens of equal rights and representation.
  • Supreme Court Membership: Case loads per judge leaves important issues open. Additional members needed to handle case loads in timely fashion.
  • Supreme Court Term Limits: Court vigor is needed to handle case loads in timely fashion.
  • Too Big to Fail: Robs citizens of their financial rights. Anti-trust law is grossly inadequate. Only the government must not be allowed to fail.

These changes will significantly improve the accountability of our government to our people. It retains built-in stability sufficient for the rapid changes society is now experiencing. It eliminates some of the loopholes the Bush Administration took advantage of.

Muscle will be needed to accomplish any of the above. We are asking a lot, but our future depends upon how or whether these issues are handled.

America deserves a government of, by, and for the people,
not of, by, and for special interests.


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