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Fascism, Communism, or what? Hopefully neither can happen, nor any other type of dictatorship, such as monetary. But if our present course continues, we will be flirting with a dictatorship with all its downsides as a method of government. Of course we are different; our form of government has been successful for over 200 years and that of Britain has been in the making ever since the Magna Carta dating from 1215.

The following deals with the politics, but the present stasis in Congress most fundamentally is merely an expression of our inborn nature as human beings. See Five Pillars for the situation and How Nature Created this Problem for more.

If the American experience follows what other democracies have tried and failed:
  • Our legislature is failing its purpose in moving government forward. The authority is there, but in terms of bills passed, the last congress, the 112th, was the worst of any Congress since WWII , and the current Congress is unlikely to be any better. For another example, the 112th Congress seemingly voted “endlessly” in trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 33 such attempts may not be endless, but it is emblematic of a deeply rooted problem and neglect of duty. Mainstream Republicans are now hostage to their own extreme right wings, now dominated by the Tea Party. We need two parties to balance each other, but one is in unusual disarray. In view of the congressional stasis and the fact that Carl Rove is gearing up to defeat Tea Party members of Congress in 2008, we would agree. And dozens of commentators and pundits have been quick to see the danger. Instead of moving back to the center and quietly going about the business of governance, getting what they can Reagan-style, the rank-and-file Republicans have allowed the Tea-Party-tail to wag the dog. And if leverage reversal continues too long, congressional stasis will eventually put American democracy in jeopardy. Such a thing could also happen if a radical-left sect controlled Congress but not the Senate or presidency. The Senate has its own ills, the filibuster rule allows a minority to block the majority—selected by the voters. This of course only adds to the political danger.
  • In view of the above, our executive branch is forced to assume additional powers to “save” our governance, which must stay dynamic to deal effectively with world and domestic affairs. Sadly, a popular and effective president is indeed being forced into acting because Congress will not. Dictatorship lies at the end of the line when a dysfunctional legislature fails in its duties. Like it or not, that is the history of democracies that have failed. It is true that the failures did not have long traditions of success, and that fact alone is reassuring about our prospects. Regardless of which party is in control of the White House, in the current situation, a dictatorship could arise and rob all Americans of their cherished freedom to dissent. These words were difficult to write, and hopefully, they will not prove prescient. We certainly hope so.
  • Our special interests are pulling strings every which way toward self-serving ends. The powers of corporations and money are now obscene. Occasional articles are now appearing that imply or claim that capitalism and democracy are not compatible, and that democracy as we know it will be destroyed.
  • A media going for the sensational, emotionally-charged events, and subservient to advertisers, is largely neglectful of, and ineffective in, illustrating what is really going on. And of course too many of us are in such denial that we won’t believe it can happen unless and until it actually does--after it is too late. See Defense Mechanisms and Little Boy Saved for what they are and how they can be and are employed.
  • And finally, our citizenry has grown complacent in its good life and jaded about these very real threats to our way of life. Most of us have had little or no reason to delve into the truly formidable task of understanding human nature in a political context. But pertinent education from early age would help immensely.

It is true that America has a long history of stability in governance. That is a principal reason our nation became great. Hopefully that tradition will prevail and see us through. There are avenues, and they are paved by citizens who vote. If the 2012 election proved anything, it proved Americans want a say in their governance, and they are willing, maybe even eager, to stand in long lines for the privilege. Given such determination, how can we fail? Good question, and it leads to a deeper question:

How can we motivate ourselves to become politically aware?

As disconnected individuals we simply cannot.
  • So what is the alternative?
    It would only take a few of us to create movements; we can blog, tweet, or sponsor web pages. And the rest of us can at least reach out by joining in so that we all meet like-minded people. Conversation on this subject can do wonders stirring up the grey matter and enhancing wise decisions in a quest for everlasting peace on earth.
  • Timing would be important. So we need to be in business, ready for the opportune moment that history will surely provide. It could come in the form of a nuclear apocalypse, or more positively as an ongoing irritant such as terrorism. It should have government support world-wide.
  • We can form networks, reach out to others in organized manners. We can form study groups, action groups, support groups, and social development groups steeped in a deep knowledge of humanity, its origins, history, current behavior, and ultimately, how to modify that behavior in ways that insure a peaceful coexistence for all humankind. It can only be the works of all of us in the end. But can it really happen?

Margaret Mead had the answer to that, we paraphrase:

Never doubt that a few stout-hearted, like-minded, friends can change the world.
Indeed it is the only thing that ever has!

We can all wait for others to act, or we can start now to do it ourselves. Are we up to it? Mead obviously thought so, and so does our current leader.

"Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." Barack Obama


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