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Movements do not arise from a crack of lightening, nor do they germinate and grow steadily to a grand plateau of harmony. Widely unjust state(s) of affairs that persists that become(s) a rallying condition for the average Sally and Joe. The rallies typically occur by fits and starts, but eventually begin to congeal in the minds of citizens. That moment becomes the movementís birth day. Usually the most effective of the local leaders becomes the founder.

An effective movement seems to need:
  • Numerous sparks of government malfeasance, economic, political, moral or even religious, that offend many people or make them suffer.
  • Local leaders who see the writing-on-the-wall who start small groups of the rebellious.
  • Local groups congeal into a cohesive movement that rebels peacefully or violently toward the unjust state of affairs.

How successful they are depends on many unpredictable things. These are not our point here.


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