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To be truly peaceful with nature, the world, and one's neighbors, one first needs to find inner peace.

Kris Rosenberg's background was in psychology, as a college teacher, psychotherapist, and school psychologist. She also published the book Talk to Me. Some writings she contributed to this site follow:

Can People Change? Here she asks vital questions.

"Can people change? We wonder. In what ways and how fast and how much can a person change?" She continues by sharing thoughts that affirm the very idea.

Descartes to Dumbo

"My focus in this paper is inner peace; teaching children compassion; living with non-violence and empathy. The ethics of human relationships with other creatures are considered, particularly as they apply to children, are influenced by our culture, and are linked to psychological integrity, in individual and collective peace."

Even a Child Can Do It

"You don't have to grow up surrounded by right to understand the plight of people. Even a child can do it." Kris Rosenberg tells you how she, born amid bigotry in the deep South, avoided the cultural mindset Trent Lott used in an effort to explain away glibly while taking no personal responsibility.

Remember and March

Kris Rosenberg lost her only brother in Vietnam. She shares her memories with us along with the following letter from his buddy.

"There is no patriotism in this war. All we're doing is trying to protect each other and stay alive. Men like Lieutenant Bob come along once in a million years. We both knew that our survival depended upon two things: the ability of our men and politics. Bob made his men the best. He did his part. We all are. We are waiting for that other half...All we can do, as the Marines say, is remember and continue to march. I am proud to say that once in my lifetime, I had a brother.

Larry Kline. Lt., USMC"

Communication Notes and Hopes

What commonly prevents couples in committed relationship from experiencing intimate, deep and revealing dialogue, the element most essential to a dynamic, fulfilling relationship?

I have come to realize that women, like most men, are not socialized to disclose emotion straightforwardly either. We, too, often go through life in emotional solitude, separated from our lovers not only by their walls but our own pretenses. Men hide behind action; women hide behind "nice." The wall of emotional silence is maintained from both sides.

Activate Your Potential

Learn to distinguish between forgiving and letting yourself be walked on. Forgiveness is a process of releasing resentment, unburdening debris. When you allow yourself to be abused, you forget that you are one of the people to care about.

Kris passed away peacefully at home from brain cancer 11 June 2004. For more on this remarkable woman, see Memorial. For a role she could have played, see the dragon role in: "Little Boy Saved."

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Success and Consciousness - Remez Sasson

"Real peace comes from the inside. When there is inner peace, there is also outer peace. Inner peace is a state where the mind is calm and tranquil. It is a state where thoughts do not sweep us off our feet."

"The tendency of the mind is to think incessantly without any rest. Thoughts almost never leave us. We are as if living in an ocean of thoughts. We are influenced by these thoughts wherever we are. Worries, fears, questions, and desires fill the mind, not giving it any rest for a moment."

"...If our inner world is in peace, then our outer circumstances begin to reflect this inner peace. Outer peace always follows inner peace. The people we come in contact with, sense this peace subconsciously, and respond and behave accordingly."

We quote from this site for it eloquently captures the essence and meaning of the connection between inner peace and outer peace which is so necessary in this world. Sasson goes on:

"Developing the ability to concentrate, meditate, rule one's thoughts, and not to feel compelled to follow every thought that floats through the mind is the key to inner peace."

"Inner peace is achieved individually, not on a wide level. It does not happen to many. Throughout history, few people really tried to penetrate inside, beyond the mind and the ego, and to find their real essence. Only when this is done real outer peace can manifest."

This is a common approach and, as Sasson points out, it fails more often than it succeeds. If this doesn't work for you, try the following:

During a quiet time, such as when you are trying to go to sleep, focus on what you can see visually with your eyes closed. Most of us will see something other than total blackness. Just watch for patterns and movements. Some people see the dimmest of blue-grey clouds rolling around; others see patterns akin to stars in the night; still others see vague indistinct geometric shapes. Focus on these patterns. DO NOT talk to yourself about what you see. Just watch and enjoy the show.

You might be amazed how well you slept. Your last memory might be of patterns disappearing in true darkness.

Practice this technique nightly until you can shut off the word stream at will recounting your day or worrying about the morrow.

Once you can go to sleep reliably, try shutting off your word stream during some quiet moment of your day. Once you have achieved that, it may be only a small step until you can do it even in times of stress. Then you will have peace.

To summarize:

If you cannot achieve a state of inner peace instinctively or by force of will, try relaxing, shutting off the word stream, and watching the nightly show dancing before your closed eyes as you drift off to sleep.

We do not have a large enough pool to provide statistics for whom or how many the nightly word-stream shut-down works to achieve inner peace. But it works often enough to warrant posting here. On this topic especially we would appreciate feedback.

The advantage of inner peace is that we can see other points of view and other aspects of a problem, or challenge, more easily than we might otherwise. This can not only give us more strength in dealing with problems, but more creativity and resourcefulness in their resolution.

"To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, THIS IS the meaning success!"
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


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