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In researching the causes of terrorism, numerous questions arise that seem to have no immediate answer. They are collected here toward finding answers (where none exist publicly), better answers, or new answers in a different vein.

Why is there as much variation in violence rates within certain cultures as there is between them? [The United States and Portugal are at opposite ends of the violence spectrum; the same is true for Honolulu or El Paso versus Washington or Baltimore -- FBI statistics.]

Why do the monotheisms correlate more closely with reported violence than do the eastern religions and philosophies? [We have a tentative answer, but more information is needed.]

Why is Tokyo the least violent of all major metropolitan areas? [Could it be that the Japanese know something we do not?]

Why is it that 20% of the US public, the Evangelists, are telling the other 80% and the world what to do?

How can the Nuclear genie be put back into its bottle? [Our present course could turn back natural history to the age of fishes.]

How can the world deal with the explosive issue of population growth? [The biosphere is like a wine bottle, its volume and enrgy supply is limited. How can the haves and have-nots reach accommodation?]

Why does America continue to blunder in the Middle East instead of addressing these more compelling issues? [Isn't Manifest Destiny an idea whose time is past?]

Is the world yet ready for a world democracy comprised of its family of nations? [If not, then can we not work toward that day?]

How can we learn to recognize the snakes among us? [Snakes come in three varieties, narcissistic, sociopathic, and psychopathic, but none can be trusted to protect the public welfare. Such people care only about themselves. They have recognizable characteristics, such as lack of conscience and a compulsion to win, both of which they often try to hide.]

Why can we not teach mythos (faith) and logos (science) in peace instead of fighting over them? [They really are different things.]

Can we moderate our arrogance to implement answers found to the above? [Education of citizens with an internal locus of control tempered by an external locus of control seems imperative. Why can we not move in that direction?]


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