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To be sure, the world cannot be remade in a year, and maybe not in a generation. But we believe it can be done. How can we survive without friendly trading partners and allies in keeping world peace? No way can we solve the nuclear threat single-handedly. Enlisting cooperation, setting democratic examples, and providing leadership enlightened by history and in the ways of humankind will reverse the accelerating trend toward ever more terror. What follows are a few ideas.

Consider the following attitudes and their probable effects:

Consequence of Trend
1 Energy America uses unduly-large per-capita fractions of world supplies.
2 Minerals America uses unduly-large per-capita fractions of world supplies.
3 Ecology America at odds over air quality & global warming.
4 United Nations America has shirked its share of responsibilities.
5 Agriculture Surplus Americans live obese lives; some societies starve.
6 Various Inequalities Produces anger, envy, and possibly enmity and racism.

Those Affected
Effects That Boomerang
Allies Allies may become non-allies over air quality, global warming, & racism—things that matter.
Neutrals All six attitudes lead neutral "friends" to question us.
Potential Enemies All six attitudes used against us in battle for moral high ground.
Feudal Despots Encouraged by our opportunistic attitudes toward their societies.
American People These attitudes produce pride and arrogance in too many, sadness, shame, and political opposition in others.

How does the following behavior stack up in contrast?

Consequence of Trend
1 Energy Reduce waste; assist others in energy management.
2 Minerals Assist others in resource management.
3 Ecology Equitable distribution of responsibility for solutions.
4 United Nations Equitable assumption of responsibilities.
5 Agriculture Encourage education, freedom, and market economies.
6 Various Inequalities Wealth disparities reduced; equal opportunity for education realized while still rewarding special abilities.

Those Affected
Effects That Benefit All
Allies Alliances strengthen and increase in number and quality.
Neutrals Gain respect and alliance when needed.
Potential Enemies Remove much of their motivation; recover moral highground.
Feudal Despots Will lose allies in new world order.
American People Bill of Rights and Four Freedoms equivalents enjoyed by all world citizens.

We are still chasing terrorists while occupying Iraq, an Iraq that is still not safe, an Iraq with three ethnic groups having long histories of war with one another and still a long long way from stable self-governance, an Iraq where most citizens want the US out and out now.

Will we later on chase the self interests (despotic and feudal) at home and abroad that give birth to terrorism?

This web site is part of our answer. We hope our approach is a voice of reason for all humankind.

We welcome comments, especially where we need it.


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