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Most people suffer from it to their detriment and to the detriment of others. Rational thinking is subjugated to emotions. Here is how it works.

We "fall in love with our own ideas." And we don't often realize that -- even though we may carry our particular trap with us to our graves. Maybe we are too self-important, maybe we have a hang-up. Whatever, our trap narrows our vision, limits our insight, spoils our creativity. We follow our gut feeling, ignoring our better judgment. We never become what we could be, never exercise our minds to their fullest extents. We get into trouble with others.

When faced with a terror situation we react like robots, well most of us do. Like jamming the nearest exit from a burning night club, instead of finding another. But the folks on flight UA97 didn't hesitate. Unlike sheep, enamored with themselves, they exercised their power and leadership.

Too often our personal enamor trap leads us to select the wrong spouse, go into the wrong profession, or simply fail to develop our potential. We may be too full of ourselves and arrogant for others to tolerate us graciously. We are less able to influence others than we might otherwise. And if we do happen to gain high political office or commanding jobs, we are less-than-wise leaders.

Do you think it might just be an enamor trap that got us into Iraq?


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