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Revision: 7 July 2007.

Dialogue is an important key to understanding and acceptance. Understanding and acceptance are keys to peace, by building bridges, not by erecting fences. Dialogue is the exploration of ideas with greater understanding, connection, or possibility the mutual goal. It involves empathy and integrity; innate curiosity helps.

Links to what others are doing are provided here.
Op Ed:
Dialogue with Islamic Civilization?

Dr Sohail Mahmood

A dialogue of the West and Islam is the need of the hour. The Western powers must open up dialogue with the Muslim countries based upon mutual respect, equality, and understanding. Only then can the misperceptions that have guided the West’s foreign policy be altered with more productive approaches to peace. The radical forces in the Islamic world need to be fought on the intellectual front also.
There are many web sites that use, and boost the usage of, dialogue.
Links to many of them appear below.
Op Ed: Carol LaRock 2002

In the world today, the means does exist for a global dialogue, (e.g.. via the Internet). Though cliches are not generally acceptable modes of "intellectual" communication, one seems most apt in view of this current historical phenomenon. That is "you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink". The key word being "make".


  • Keep things in historical perspectives;
  • Establish peace movements;
  • Continue research on means for achieving peace in dialogue;
  • Learn to recognize and effectively deal with the socio-psychopathic personalities; for starters we can all learn and watch for the danger signals this personality exhibits from early age--and then seek help for them or ours as the case may be.
  • Reach across boundaries in dialogue;
  • Separate mythos from logos (church from state);
  • Integrate societies in all ways.

Solutions — Individuals

  • Balance our External / Internal loci of Control, beginning about age three.
  • Know ourselves; Authoritarianism; Sociopathology
  • Understand the Lucifer Effect
  • Understand Faith & Science differences
  • Recognize & avoid humiliating or alienating conditions
  • Communicate in dialogue
  • Support politicians who have demonstrated that they are not corruptible; read the Tea Leaves.
Create Movements

Recognize History—Avoid Repeating It.
Update: 6 Sept 12

  • Problem: Violent Sociopaths hijack and corrupt systems, businesses, organizations, nations, religions.
  • Solutions: Dialogue, the highest form of communication:
    • Explores ideas with mutual understanding [and empathy],
    • Connects with integrity as each draws the other out to find meaning,
    • Voices opinions toward finding mutually-acceptable solutions, or absolute solutions in the case science or technology,
    • Addresses conflict resolution effectively.
Franklin Roosevelt enunciated the Four Freedoms,

Freedom of speech,
Freedom of worship,
Freedom from want, and
Freedom from fear.

Start Thinking About It; Become Active.

  • Make ourselves heard
    • Use Dialogue in the manner of Socrates. Join peace groups & post on social media. Remain anonymous only if necessary.
    • Join one or more blogs dealing with politics and what ails the world.
  • Participate in politics on neighborhood level.
  • Participate in student exchange programs.
  • Learn another language or two.
Updated 09 Sept 2013

“We Have Much to Fear From Our Own Ignorance.
We have even more to fear from what
we ‘know’ that isn't so.”

Anon: on repetition of history

“Do we want a paint-by-number life,
or are we working on an original?

Kris Rosenberg: on self actualization

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George Washington: "I was no party man myself, and the first wish of my heart was, if parties did exist, to reconcile them."

John Adams:"All the perplexities, confusions, and distress in America arise, not from defects in their constitution or confederation, not from want of honor or virtue, so much as from the downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit, and circulation." John Adams, Letter to Thomas Jefferson, August 25, 1787"

Thomas Jefferson: "There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution."

James Madison: "If tyranny and oppression come to this land it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.”
Updated 6 Sept 12; 09 Sept 2013

As Individuals

We Can:

  • Learn to read the Tea Leaves when politicians speak.
    • Do they do as they personally say and say as they do?
    • Do we hear logic or platitudes, however nice to hear, but without a shred of how they expect to accomplish their goal(s) in a world ever more complex and changing?
    • Do they answer direct questions or do they divert into their own agendas?
    • If they don't know the answer, do they promise to get it and do, or do they bluff or bluster?
    • Should we not believe off-hand remarks—they reveal the real, unguarded person?
  • Research the characters of politicians running for office.
  • Set examples of moderation.
  • Be life-long learners, for peace will be elusive for as long as a sociopath can rule. We must be vigilant!
Blogger aspirants interested in Activism are invited to set up blogs on this page. The blogger will be able to upload and edit as many articles as s/he pleases--for public comment, debate and dialogue. Just follow the procedure outlined in the Forums.
This is the area where you can sound off. Make your feelings known. Have your say. The only requirements are those of decorum and that offerings be peace related.

For starters, two from our publisher appear below. They are not mainstream perhaps, but they do provide a framework for beginning the dialogue. Questions are as valuable as answers.
Transforming Conflict Into Cooperation

Daniel Yankelovich
Book Review with commentary

Dialogue, the highest realm of communication, comes naturally to many people. To others it comes only with experience. To still others it remains ever a stranger. Yankelovich leads us on a remarkable journey of insight into this vital tool that just might salvage our future. Dialogue is mostly about listening, and Yankelovich has been listening for a long time, not just to nature's songs but to American voices. His wisdom is on display in this delightful book; it is as simple and easy to read as it is profound in its meaning.
There are many--most notably in the Middle East and Africa. At root, they all seem to arise as fights over resources. As often as not, one or more monotheism is leading the fight and/or defending the bastions. In sheer volume the subject is so vast, it daunts even the most determined. But modern communication resources can simplify while providing guidance. In the engineering sciences, with understanding comes control. That works in the social sciences as well. The dramatic difference lies in the precision of what we know. Engineering can be as precise as we care to make it. Society is nothing if not highly variable within and among groups. Society is also beset with bias, dogma, and hierarchy. Nevertheless, the serious researcher, or interested observer can reach measures of understanding sufficient to bring peace. Dialogue is at the heart of the matter.
The Pakistani Parliament recently passed a resolution critical to the "war on terror." It passed unanimously without dissent after a fierce debate. This resolution recommended Dialogue begin with the Taliban and al Qa'ida.
Rush Dozier

Dozier gives us a well researched and annotated discussion on why we hate.
What is true peace and how can it be achieved? These were my questions when writing a position paper for an English composition class. I found an enlightening article at entitled "On Peace" by Daniel Zajfman (November 18,2011). Zajfman states, "... true peace cannot be attained or sustained until the citizens of both sides get to know each other and develop a basic dialogue that leads to tolerance, and later to understanding and respect, for their ethnic and national differences." Based on this, he poses his thesis as a question as to whether "scientific research can be used as a catalyst for peace?" If this peeks your interest,I don't want to ruin an inspiring conclusion.
Updated 05 Apr 2008

Roadtopeace is a nonprofit organization staffed by volunteers who want to make a difference in the world.

Bloggers may make their views known on our Forum. Originators of blogs can edit and otherwise maintain, extend, or terminate their offerings.

William Isaacs
Book Review and commentary

If there is one skill we can acquire to counter terror, violence, and war, it is dialogue. Those who already have the skill, will still enjoy reading this timely and provocative book. Isaacs also provides numerous examples and considerable insight into how to practice dialogue until it becomes a habitual pattern of behavior and communication. There is an old adage: "Two Heads Are Better Than One" and Isaacs superbly illustrates why.
Here our purpose is to find ways to reach across cultural and language divides. Maybe the issue is not so much the means as motivation and wherewithal. We can begin by learning about other people, their lives, and their livelihoods.
Revue et Commentaire de Livre de William Isaacs S'il y a une compétence que nous pouvons acquérir pour parer la terreur, violence et guerre, c'est dialogue. Ceux qui ont déjà la compétence, immobile auront plaisir à lire ce livre opportun et provocateur. Isaacs fournit également de nombreux exemples et perspicacité considérable dans la façon pratiquer le dialogue jusqu'à ce que ce devienne un modèle habituel de comportement et communication. Il y a un vieil adage: "deux têtes sont meilleures qu’ une" et Isaacs illustre superbly pourquoi.
An initial small scale response to a Canadian journalist has become a movement where Wall Street is now the metaphor for protesting against: Not being heard in dialogue much less listened to seriously. Wall Street just happens to represent most of the ills in our society, corruption of voters rights among the leading issues that include: Special interests, gerrymandering, insider trading, too big to fail, much less fight. And oh yes, the fact that money buying law-making votes in congress has now replaced votes at the precinct level. The litany can go on and on. Do both parties share the blame? We think so, but probably not equally. Both parties embrace the plutocrats now essentially running the nation via their lackeys in all branches of government. Make Yourself Heard.
Special interests will always be with us because each of us is special. So where do we draw the line?
Outreach Enables Peace.

Updated: 3 Dec 2009

Can we care about others as we care about ourselves? Can we embrace and celebrate our differences? Can we discover common ground with our neighbors from different cultures?
Revised 13 April 2006

We believe freedom is a condition whose time has come. It must be nurtured and guaranteed -- from the individual through all levels of societies. Likewise, on the international scale, nations must feel free and unoppressed by all other nations. To be sure as the 21st century dawns, this is idealistic. We also believe that with the future of humanity at stake, there is too little idealism in this world.

Of all the procedures at our disposal, executing this one is the starting point.

Of all the traits needed to effect reconciliation, honesty and openness with and about one's self comes first. Honesty with all others involved is equally important, but cannot happen without personal honesty. How can we be totally honest with others if we are kidding ourselves?
It is a new day, never mind that Israel has had the American government in its back pocket for the better part of a century. The emergence of the J Street bunch (pro Israel, pro peace) and other groups, including Americans For Peace Now, are making their presence and preferences known. They want peace and are pragmatic about how to get it. If that means talking to Hamas, then so be it.

At the same time, conditions within Hamas are easing toward accepting an Israeli state within its 1967 borders. Not openly or officially, but by deed.

Over half of Palestinian citizens in Gaza and the West Bank desire peace and agree that negotiations should start.
Compared with just four years ago, the Bush Administration has basically imploded from its own inherent contradictions.

The only way from here is up, and the American people seem to have sensed that just days ago. The mentality that got us into Vietnam and then into Iraq (contrived intelligence in each case) is behind us, at least for awhile.

The organizational ability we first glimpsed when Barack Obama won the Iowa primary is now emerging in a way that will affect the world.
"Measures to eliminate international terrorism"
Patriarch, Prophet, and Progenitor of prophets

Monotheism as we know it, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, began formally with Abraham even though he did not claim there are no other gods but God. He did claim that God is supreme.

Ebb as in ebb and flow, is what is now happening in Afghanistan. The tide may be out, but it won't stop any tsunami that awaits.

If you are a foreigner occupying some one else's homeland, it does not pay to fund your opposition. Yet that is exactly what we are doing. Fool's Game? Reality might be worse--the US government is not a fool, at least not now. Maybe it was during the great denial of the Bush Junior era, for they started the practice, or rather renewed it from the ash can of history. To a degree it worked in Iraq, for it narrowed the divide between the Sunni and Shias and reduced al Qa'ida considerably. Sunni/Shia cooperation is Iraq's future. But Afghanistan is different. Secular, tribal, and religious forces are all in it for themselves with corruption the cornerstone of a society still caught up in feudal times. Extortion and bribery allow supplies to go through. On the national scale, it becomes blackmail in effect when leaders of a well-meaning peoples, American and European, payoff to avoid their bungling being exposed.
Updated 1 July 2008

We found a very positive, even marvelous, study by Ashutosh Varshney. It fully meets the standards for social research in our times.
Actions that can be taken to begin an effective campaign to reduce terror are synopsized. They amount to a societal reformation.
By Kris Rosenberg

Communication is the largest single factor determining what kind of relationships a human being makes with others. he manages survival, how he develops intimacy, how productive he is, how he makes sense. --Virginia Satir: People Making.

Have you ever worked with a master mentor? Few of us have. I do not claim to be such a master, so hold on-what I think I know about mentoring came only after long experience and reflection. I had many mentors along the line, including Danny Field, a Paiute miner, who taught me a thing or two about welding. Staff development for a start-up begins with mentoring. But as a start-up grows, the emphasis naturally shifts toward group development.

What does this topic have to do with Terror? Well, along with state and church, corporations in the West at least have played strong roles in the humiliation of the Middle East. Corporations and industry have, moreover, dumped more greenhouse gases into the biosphere than any other sector of human endeavor, hastening the day when expanding population runs out of room in the face of vanishing resources. This eventuality may already be driving terrorism to greater heights. has now spent a decade researching the origins of terror and finding avenues to save humanity from itself. The origins are so deep, that the fix will require a second evolution toward peaceful co-existence through cooperation to emphasize parenting and nurturing at the expense of dominance and hierarchy. All five accented words are the products of natural evolution.

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Just as nature can create a wound, so also can nature heal it.
How nature heals violence, and why it hasn't are explored here.

This nature walk highlights where we originated, where we are, where we can go, and how we might get there. These pages are a snapshot of a work in progress. They do not pretend to be the end of the story; but they do provide hope that violence is a story with an end.
After Christian Science Monitor, 02 April 2012.

Osama Abu Ayyash lives in a village on the West Bank, Breit Ummar. He is a college dropout who now drives a truck. Nine years ago, his wife lost her brothers, who had been accused of being terrorists and shot by Israeli security forces. As it turned out, that tragedy became a new beginning. Bereaved, Osama and his wife joined a modern-style activist group—one that promotes reconciliation. His goal is to humanize the conflict in Palestine through dialog with young Israelis.
Updated 5 mar 2010

Since much of our information on this site came via books by many authors we thought it appropriate to list the books here by title.

1776 - David McCollough

Abraham - Bruce Feiler

A Nation of Sheep - William J Lederer
On this page we collect Alternative thinking; there is after all more than just black and white in this world. There are rainbows of colors, and most issues have at least several colors as options, some have virtually infinite options.

      Dennis Kucinich: Interviewed by James Harris on

      We should be listening to what the American people had to say last October, and that is taking steps to immediately end the war. And that means to set in motion a plan to end the occupation, close the bases, bring the troops home using money that’s already in the pipeline to do so.
Attorney General Eric Holder has a huge challenge with few options--none of them without potential for violence if we believe the rhetoric. Nevertheless, we believe his investigation should begin where the evidence for actual unlawful behavior is strongest. Its scope should be limited only by the word itself. This means all leads should be followed up, the most serious first of course.

2009: Amnesty International USA has collected the thoughts and opinions of observers on the human sides of the torture. To make your opinion count, click on the link above and select a letter that suits you and it will be sent to the President.